Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on these forums. I have found a wealth of information here and thought I would join to contribute and ask questions.

At any rate I have been working hard on my garage the last couple weeks. Getting the walls ready for painting and researching what to do about my ceiling. I am not sure if this ceiling is a popcorn ceiling or what it is. I also am not sure how thick the popcorn or (whatever it is) should be in regards to how much to sc**** off. One area I sc****d down to where a nail was.

Some information about my house. It is an attached 2 car garage and the house was built in 1977. These ceilings do not exist in the rest of the house just FYI. Just in the garage. I imagine they were trying to hide a very poor joint job.

Wetting it down seemed to take it off but still left a pattern kind of where the ceiling pattern had been. I guess I am not sure how deep this stuff usually goes. One photo you will notice I was able to sc**** down far because there was a crack in the stuff which revealed the nail. Any and all information would be helpful. I have thought about just skim coating it (which I may have to do anyway if I sc**** it).

Ceiling Images