As a long time TOH reader and fan of the show, I feel somewhat bad that my first post here is about an issue I have with a contractor – but I really need some community advice:

I’m in Texas (if that matters). My house has a screwed down metal roof I wanted to get coated to get it 100% water tight. Screws were replaced last year but still I wanted all the potential leak holes sealed off. Went to some websites, send emails, got quotes and finally signed up with a local roofer/painter who wanted to paint an elastomeric coating on. The product is mainly rated and advertised for its sun reflectivity (great energy savings in the Summer) but the roofer said it will cover screws just nicely and seal everything the way I wanted.

6 weeks later, the roof is somewhat covered with the coating. It looks pretty bad, the paint went on very uneven, the metal shines through in many areas and many/most of the screws are not well sealed. The roofer even acknowledges the uneven paint job. He claims he used 15 buckets of the material while the manufacturer, based on the size of the roof and gallons per sqft, says 25 buckets are needed.
They also created a lot of overspray, sprayed several windows, my AC outside units, some bird feeders, plants,… I wouldn’t mind if the job otherwise would have been satisfactory but since it is not, I’m getting picky. They also didn’t power-wash the roof (at least not all of it). it is spelled out in the contract that power washing will be done. And it is also required/recommended by the paint manufacturer.

Anyway, I paid about 30% upfront. The roofer wants to close the job (doesn’t want to come back) and wants more money. He says the 30% doesn’t even cover the material.
I have to say I am very happy with the sun reflectivity, my attic and the whole house stays a lot cooler – but energy savings wasn’t my prime objective. It was a welcome side effect at best. The roof is still not a lot more leak-proof as before and it looks like crap now.

Should I pay a little more (like, covering his material) and get over it or stand firm and let them either fix it (which is really impossible, they cannot undo the not washing the roof) or write off the money?
It is not my intention to ruin a small business. but it is not my intention either to fund a contractor that isn’t worth its money…

Thanks for listening….