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    Default Old mahogany wood trim with inconsistent gloss

    I just purchased a 1922 home in Pittsburgh, and the interior wood trim is all dark-stained mahogany trim. The color of the wood is fine (although it is so dark it doesn't show much grain), but it looks like some sort of poly or lacquer was used to seal it and was either never applied consistently or is now aged and the luster is very inconsistent. I would like to have a consistent satin finish to all the trim (and maybe show some more grain), and am thinking 0000 steel wool will buff it all to a consistent luster. Should I use some sort of cleaner or mild abrasive with the steel wool? I was thinking of using polishing compound or some sort of chemical cleaner. Any tips are welcome. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Old mahogany wood trim with inconsistent gloss

    Furniture paste wax applied with finest steel wool, then buffed just might do the trick to get a uniform luster.
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