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    Default Yellow Pine Mill Ink removal and blend the area

    My husband installed yellow pine walls and we are removing the mill ink stain with sander and we have lighter areas where the ink was at. My question is how do we blend this area into the rest of the wood board. We are trying a solution of vinegar, water and olive oil (found this might work on website) but it really does not seem to work, any ideas from the veteran wood workers. Thank you

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    Default Re: Yellow Pine Mill Ink removal and blend the area

    Pine is a very volatile wood when it comes to discoloration, most light colored woods are, but pine is more significant than the rest. I would recommend leaving it as is for now, within 4 to 6 months the spots will likely be just as dark as everything else. Your other alternative is to sand everything to blend the light spots into the less light spots, that is to say, you don't have to sand everything perfectly, just enough to lighten the raw areas to the sanded areas. Another option would be to take a sample of untouched wood to a paint dealer and have them mix some stain to match it, this poses other problems, however, so it's not really something I'd recommend

    I would NOT use an oil based darkening agent, as this will affect all other finishes you may attempt to apply in the future.
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