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    Default Clothes washer drain question

    Is it possible to install a 24" apartment-size clothes washer in a bathroom and have it drain by installing a wye connector (used for dishwashers)? Existing drain pipes and p-trap are older and probably 1" and there is no room under the countertop for a standpipe (not sure one is required; dishwashers don't seem to have standpipes). Drain hose will be looped up to 30" (higher than water level in washer) and then over to wye connector directly below sink ... Sage advice would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Clothes washer drain question

    Dish washer tees are not large enough to handle the volume of water a clothes washer can discharge. Most newer clothes washers require a 2" line.

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    Default Re: Clothes washer drain question

    Water volume in a washing machine is much higher than a dish washer, creating all kinds of drain congestion. It's also not to code in my city.

    Are you saying that your kitchen sink drain is 1"?

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