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    Default Re: where to find Tom Silvas' speed square holder

    Quote Originally Posted by dcalabro View Post
    Old thread but a new episode this season addressed this exact question. Check it out!
    I saw that too. Good shots of the original, which looks like something any decent plastic molding company could easily produce. May be patent issues involved there though!

    The square PVC baluster doesn't impress me as being strong enough to take much abuse, especially in the cold. Of course we're not supposed to abuse things but it happens- and all too frequently on a rushed jobsite. My thoughts here have turned toward making one out of metal for that reason- there must be some kind of readily-available "C" shaped channeling of the proper size out there just waiting for me to find it and make one of my own even better than the original

    Quote Originally Posted by A. Spruce View Post
    This forum has long been know as merely the source of fodder for the magazine, and nothing else.
    Well ya don't say. Thinking this through, it would certainly seem as if Tommy or someone hasn't been lurking here since as far as I know this subject hasn't been spoken of anywhere else and it would be one he!! of a coincidence for it to just 'pop up on the show' otherwise.

    Tom old boy, if you're going to take from us then give back some too. How about popping in here occasionally yourself- if we mere mortals with equally busy lives can do this then you can too. I dare you!

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