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    Default How to fix dirty spouts?

    Ok, dumb question from a newbie. I notice that when I try to clean the kitchen/bathroom spouts (I'm not even sure about the terminology- the the thing the water comes out of?) it comes off dirty. If I wipe the spout with paper towels or cloth, there's a lot of black stuff on it. No matter how many times I wipe it, I still get black spots on the towel. How am I supposed to get these things clean?

    The water looks clean, tastes good, and doesn't smell. Is this a problem? Is the water safe?

    I'm trying to help my elderly grandparents, who you used to do all their own house maintenance, and since I've never stayed in one place long, there's a lot I haven't thought about.

    I just noticed this dirty spout thing by chance. I'm really concerned because they're supposed to drink a lot of water for their health and I'm worried this might be dangerous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    Default Re: How to fix dirty spouts?

    Try to change the aerators - those small filters at the end of the spouts - and see if there is a change.
    You get them at HD/Lowes.

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    Default Re: How to fix dirty spouts?

    A thin bottle brush may also help.

    Be sure to block the drain when changing / handling the aerator. You can easily drop those small parts down the drain. Also be careful with the threads as they are very tiny and need to be aligned correctly.

    Youtube is good for this. Click here.

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    Default Re: How to fix dirty spouts?

    If drinking water is your only concern, consider installing a faucet filter. Most don't do much for the water, but a few do so check the specs. My old out-of-production Teledyne is 99.95% effective at removing all the bad stuff, but it's darn near impossible to find the good filters for it anymore (even on the web) so I might be shopping for a new one soon myself.


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