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    Default Replace laminate flooring with hardwood

    I didn't find any section of this forum for Flooring, so maybe this is it.

    I want to know if anyone has any experience with replacing laminate flooring with hardwood.
    Is it difficult?
    Is it messy?
    Is it expensive (compared with simply laying hardwood over sleepers)?
    Are there usually code restrictions on disposal of the laminate?

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    Default Re: Replace laminate flooring with hardwood

    Difficult, no, technical and requiring knowledge, tools, and experience with the products, yes.

    Messy? Depends on the extent of the demolition area and the disruption to the use of the house/space if occupied.

    Expensive? Depends on the product you choose, low quality brands are not that pricey, however a good quality flooring such as Kahrs (pronounced cares ) is.

    Disposal? The only word of caution is that it is considered construction debris, so most municipalities don't like seeing it in your refuse can. The cure here is to NOT leave the lid open for them to see what is inside. There is no danger to the collection department or their equipment, they just don't want to haul anything that isn't household waste. Regardless of household waste or construction debris, it all ends up in the same landfill.
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    Default Re: Replace laminate flooring with hardwood

    Now this is a real upgrade.

    Spruce summed it up for you, but let me add this: if you don't have the right tools, if you are uncomfortable bending over, go down on your knees and stand up 3 times a minute - consider hiring an installer.

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