Hi, we occasionally have black sediment in our well water. Noticed it when the cold water was on. This happens once in awhile, but if you run the water for a few minutes it clears up. It normally happens when you first turn on the faucet.I don't recall ever noticing it when the water was on a for long time.

Up to a few years ago we always had very good water a bit hard but no smell. Then it started smelling a bit funny and there seems to be iron in it. Coincidentally, my neighbor, had trouble with his well running out of water and about 2 yrs ago he blasted his well with nitrogen? to open up a vein??.

I'm not sure what we should do?
#1 have the water tested by an independent source, not a company that sells water treatments
or contact a company like Culligan?
#2 Install a whole house water filter. Does it go before water tank or after?
#3 Could it be the pipes? House was built in the 1950s.

Thank you in advance. Lori