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    Default basement insulation question

    i just watched tom silva's video on installing the styrofoam board insulation and 1x3 grid on a basement wall
    i plan on doing the same thing at my daughters house
    she has a block wall that is very dry and has been painted with ugl drylok
    the small issue is the top two courses of block are narrower than the bottom ten or so
    i would like to install the insulation on the blocks from the floor right up to the bottom of the floor joists
    if i do that there will be a few inch void between the insulation and the top two courses of block
    the alternative would be to follow the blocks up and then out a little and then up again
    this would involve a lot of cutting fitting etc of the insulation board
    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: basement insulation question

    Install a 2X4 plate on the bottom of the floor joists in line with the main block wall, and let the slatting extend up to that so the tops are are securely held in place. There will be about 16" worth of slatting unsupported at the top. but I don't think it will be a problem. If that worries you then double the back of it with construction adhesive and screws across this span.


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