This summer, our vegetable garden has been producing a bumper crop. It's amazing that with zero rain fall, we've manged to produce any veggies at all.

- Tomatoes - we have so many, we give them away.
- Radishes - they can't wait to grow.
- Green Beans - doing great, we have a couple of species.
- Chives - great results.
- Green bell peppers - surprising results. We keep them longer on the plants and pick them when turn red, for more vitamin C.
- Green onions - doing great.
- Sunflowers - beautiful plants.

However, we failed with carrots (can't grow) and Xin Cai (shin tzai - Chinese lettuce Choi - eaten by earwigs).
We had a problem with earwigs in April-May, until we started the beer treatment: we placed beer in bowls and watched the earwigs kill themselves trying to get drunk. Then they disappeared in June- july.

Our garden is my wife's territory. I just do the manual work...