New roof just installed. The roofers tarped over the adjacent plants and bushes as usual. Apparently the hot sun on the blue tarp caused the top of my Japanese Maple to turn brown. It's not extensive, I would say about 35% of the very top area - mostly in the middle. A few of my evergreens were scorched too but I don't care so much about them.

This is a mature tree, I would say 15-20 years old and its thrived very well. Now I have brown shriveled leaves and dead appearing small branches right in the top center. Unsightly too.

Do I need to do anything? The rest of the tree looks normal. Any opinions regarding next year? will the dead looking branches revive or should I trim them off? I did remove the dead leaves and watered it several times - we've had adequate rainfall this summer.

I'm in Michigan - near Lake Michigan in case that's a factor.