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    Default Noisy floor when walked on. Annoying!!!

    We just bought a house (12yr old bi-level) and in the hallway we get a VERY loud creaking noise coming from the floor that you can hear in the living room over the tv volume when someone walks over the area. The floor is carpeted, and below is the garage/finished basement. The noise is very annoying! Please help!

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    Default Re: Noisy floor when walked on. Annoying!!!

    I suspect it's more likely loose fasteners, but regardless, the movement in the floor is the cause of the noise. Pull up the carpet and determine the source. If you find loose nails, PULL THEM OUT and install new ring shank nails next to the old locations. Old nails will only loosen again, causing the same annoying squeak. Another problem area, similar to loose nails are what's called "shiners". These are nails that missed or only partially penetrated the structural member below and will always squeak if not removed.
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