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    Question Window Repair

    My GF an I are purchasing a home built in 1914. We want to get it back to its original condition the best we can. We are looking at the windows, and we notice there is some kind of rope or pulley when you open them up. On some of the other windows the rope is missing. How do you replace or fix the rope on these windows. Oh the house is a Craftsman Bungalow Style.

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    It is not uncommon for the ropes to break on sash windows. There should be a panel on one side of the jamb to access the weight pockets and retrieve the weights and then install new cords. If there are no access points, then pull the interior trim off the window to get to those weight pockets.

    Another option, though not a restoration, is to use a spring shoe, which slides between the window and the jamb to wedge the window at any point along the opening. The spring show slides with the window and just provides tension to keep the window from free falling.

    Sash cord is available at any hardware store, particularly in older neighborhoods where this type of thing is more common, as opposed to a big box store that only caters to what is cheap and currently available.
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    if you look through the video archives or on youtube you can find videos of people restoring these old windows. this should give you a pretty good idea of how to do's a great DIY project.

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    Were it my house, I'd go ahead with new sash ropes everywhere just to know that they're all new and won't need attention in the near future. Repair or replace any pulleys that aren't in great shape while you're in there as well. As archaic as the system may seem, properly done this is the best way to hold a sash up- gravity doesn't weaken in time like springs do!


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