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    Question Painting old cast iron tub to look like copper tub...HELP!

    Hello, TOH community! I have an ugly old PINK cast iron tub in the house I bought. Originally, I planned on refinishing it in white, but I had an inspired idea to paint it to look like a copper tub. Of course, I cannot find any information about how to refinish it with a color of my choosing without using a preformulated bathtub paint, and I cannot find bathtub paint in a copper color. I was thinking maybe there could be a way that I could find the proper primer, proper clear coat, and just use an antique copper spray paint in between, but I don't know if this would work, and I don't know what primers and top coats would work best for this method, if so. Does anybody have any ideas on specific products OR methodology? I can't afford a real copper tub, and now a white tub would be a let down. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    Default Re: Painting old cast iron tub to look like copper tub...HELP!

    I believe you can, and just to make sure, contact tub re-glazers for estimates. How long would it last? I don't know, but even the most common color, white, doesn't last but a few years.

    If you want a longer lasting quality bathtub, choose cast iron. Kohler and Eljer are two popular brands and it's just a little more money than glazing. That would be my first choice, I always prefer new over glazing.

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