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Thread: Lump in drywall

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    Question Lump in drywall

    Had someone install some DensArmor for me and noticed a lump in the finished drywall. The high spot is the small area right between the light switch and the door frame. Is there anyway to level this out..? The way it is now...the door molding would never sit flat. Wasn't sure if I could sand it down level and touch it up with tape and drywall compound. Any ideas..??

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    they probally broke the drywall at that spot when they were using their roto zip cutting out the box, then filled the cavity with mud taped over that then added more mud. my self I would cut that area out, fill with durabond to just below the face of the adjoining drywall then put my mesh tape to keep it from cracking add more mud to bring the void up to a flat surface.

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