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Thread: sillcock repair

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    I have an outside faucet that is leaking. I've removed the handle, taken off the stem nut, but I can't seem to unloosen the nut for the stem so I can get to the stem washer. It probably hasn't been taken off for 40 years! Any suggestions?


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    A large 18" plumber's pipe wrench (the kind with teeth) for leverage or a "vise grip" pliers should do the trick---these can often be bought at "dollar stores" or similar discount stores for low cost---they offer the leverage you need to loosen a frozen nut.

    Try soaking the nut the night before with WD-40 and make sure you turn off the water supply before attempting the repair.

    If the sillcock has to be replaced, the modern updated fix is to install a frost-free sillcock that will not freeze in winter, and also has an anti-siphon device on it to prevent cross connections in the event of loss of water pressure.

    By the way, congrats on your victory over the Parthians.

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