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    Default Humid air creating moisture on interior slab floor

    Our house in the mountains of Pennsylvania is on a concrete slab and is very well insulated. It is lovely because in the summer, we keep the sunlight out and the slab keeps it cool. In the winter we light the wood stove and once the slab gets toasty the house stays toasty. Lovely!!!


    When the humid summer air comes in and hits the cools slab (even through the linoleum and carpet) it creates moisture. Often in the summer the linoleum will be slippery. Even in the center bathroom the floor gets wet and slippery.

    The last time we closed it up two weeks ago we would NOT have said it was unusually humid or that we closed it up damp. However, when we went there this weekend, there was mold/mildew on the bottom 24" of walls and cabinets, moreso around the refrigerator. It wiped right off and then I sneezed and felt less than well for the next two days.

    The carpet does need to be replaced anyway, but we don't want to put new carpet down and have it get moldy/mildewy.

    Is there something that could work as an insulator so that we wouldn't have that problem? Would the rubber flooring work? We are open any type of flooring. We would like to be as green as possible.
    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Humid air creating moisture on interior slab floor

    Just thinking...could the moisture be coming up from under the slab?

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    Default Re: Humid air creating moisture on interior slab floor

    You have to control the humidity. When warm moist air hits a surface whose temperature is below the dew point, condensation is going to occur.

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