Hello. My house is a single story with trusses. I want to remove a wall that runs perpendicular to the trusses below the mid-point but do not know if that wall would be considered load bearing. The 2x4 trusses are 26' long and 2' on-center with a standard W webbing with no center post. Two people I have talked to about this have said that any wall below trusses can be removed as they are only bearing on the exterior walls. While I want that to be true, I wonder if it is overly simplistic. What seems to support the idea is that the two openings (including a 4' opening) in the wall do not seem to have any structural headers. I guess I am just interested in what others think. Is it a simple as any interior wall below trusses can be removed? If not, who is the best person to ask, an engineer of some sort, the building inspector, an architect? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.