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    Question Deck Stairs

    Having contracted with a BBB "A" Rated company,I'm now in the 9th week of a deck construction originally slated to take 3-4 days.
    The stairs are buried in the ground to perhaps a 6" depth.
    After much discussion , the company (purportedly) dug down 4" and placed pea stone gravel to allow drainage around the site.
    Is this going to work, and will it last? Thanks

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    Sorry to hear your grievances with this company, but you are partly to blame for choosing them.

    Mistake #1: Going by BBB rating. Better business is an organization which exists on donations, or kickbacks. Give your money - get your high rating. Quality of workmanship is not guaranteed. You see, the good deck builders don't need BBB for their business, they get all the business they can handle from word of mouth.

    Mistake #2: If you have wood stairs, they need to have concrete landing pad, or they sink over time. Having them touch the dirt, even if they are treated, is a bad idea.

    Mistake #3: Not having a time clause in your contract, and I assume you have one with this BBB "A" company, is also a mistake. A time clause calls for finishing different stages of the job in a timely manner, or there are fines. There is no reason to tolerate a lazy contractor, who doesn't keep his word and can't seem to finish the job. These contractors give us all a bad name and should be penalized. Consider reporting them to the board of contractors in your state.

    OK, these are some of the things to ponder next time.

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    Amen....Brother DJ

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