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    Default Cracks where joints meet

    I have a converted 3 season room which I've added baseboard heat too and the room is completely winterized with insulation. I'm trying to paint it, but there are hairline cracks that keep forming where the ceiling meets the walls. I've tried latex caulk, but that doesn't seem to do the trick and the cracks are back within weeks. Any suggestions on products or tips? Thanks

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    Default Re: Cracks where joints meet

    two things. since it used to be a 3 season porch it might not have been framed properly as you would a regular house. second thing, how were the corners prepped where the ceiling meets the wall? was fiberglass mesh tape used in the corners or was joint compound used to close the gap with no tape?

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    Default Re: Cracks where joints meet

    I support MLB assumptions about improper prep job.

    To fix the situation, apply drywall mesh (not paper tape), mud and sand it a couple of times. Then finish with paint.

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