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    Default Gazebo for a school

    Hi TOH members,

    I am a high schoo student and member of non -profit organization . As a project I and my organization want to install a gazebo in a small garden for my Middle school which also serves Multiple Impaired kids. Any advice to build or customized good quality and less expensive small gazebo which can hold atleast 5 kids in wheel chair . Please mention how much cost approximately is expected to do this. Any contacts or website which will help me.


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    Default Re: Gazebo for a school

    There are plans available on line but your first stop will be with your local building inspector with a pit stop at the school's lawyer to see if there is insurance coverage for your benevolent act of kindness. Sad, but true. The building inspector will give you the relevant ADA requirements.

    Once you get the OK from the lawyer, start asking around for donations of all sorts. You'll probably find folks very eager to donate materials, plans, food, advertising, tee shirts, TV coverage, advertising... and all manner of stuff. Most just need to know how they can help, so have that all worked out before asking. I have tiled the homes of injured Marines and my suppliers told me they would donate whatever I asked for. Its a great feeling to help others and in the USA there are plenty of people who will line up to help.

    Keep us posted, please.

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    Default Re: Gazebo for a school

    If you are looking for a free estimate for a custom built gazebo, call local framers.

    But just for reference, a simple 10x10 custom built wood gazebo starts at around 3K.
    A cheap substitute will be a metal framed canvas/sail material top gazebo that runs $250 to $2500.

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