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    Default Replace Terracotta w/PVC - Pittsburgh

    Hi All -

    I have a downspout that runs into Terracotta and the terracotta is cracked down and away from the house.

    Should I replace everything to PVC? Just place the area (that I at least know about) w/PVC?

    I recently moved into the house and I don't know where the rest of the terracotta runs too after the break. Also, I can say for sure that the terracotta is definitly clogged and would need to be snaked out.

    Also, I have 2 downspouts that are on the back of the house on a back porch roof. My back yard has a slight slope, would anyone recommend a gravel pit for on the back as well?


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    Default Re: Replace Terracotta w/PVC - Pittsburgh

    Plastic will be more durable. It's important to divert all gutters water away from the house, anyway you can.

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