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    Default Any idea how to do this floor "molding?" (pictures inside)

    Hey guys! Before I go into a long ramble, I have a quick question. Would any of you know how to create the kind of floor design that's in this picture? Specifically what I'm talking about is where the floor meets the wall. You notice that there is an absence of floor molding, and there appears to be a 1"x1" inset area (black) where the wood flooring appears to butt up against it (though I assume it protrudes past it for expansion, etc).

    Now the long part, I have a house in Fort Lauderdale that was built in 1987. It was originally designed as a Spanish / Mediterranean style of home, but in a type of 80s "modern" styling that was pretty common for South Florida / Fort Lauderdale. My roof was actually a pastel pink when the home was new, and of course, everything else was completely white (like from a Miami Vice episode... hah). At some point in the home's life (before I bought it), an older lady (was really nice) tried to make it look like... well, I'm not sure, but the home had plaid or duck wallpaper all over the inside. It was horrendous.

    Anyway, this is what it looks like now with new paint and a new roof. I still plan to replace the front doors, driveway, and the mailbox (hah)... but it's on it's way.


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