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    Exclamation Installing sump pump in crawlspace

    HI, I am putting a sump in my crawlspace, I would like some advice on doing so, do i put holes in the basin? should i use filter fabric, and what exactly is filter fabric? should i use a gfci outlet? please let me know thankyou anyother info would be much help.

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    Default Re: Installing sump pump in crawlspace

    i can give you directions on how to do it, but the first thing to do is to determine where the water is coming from or how it's getting into the basment. sometimes things as simple as extending a downspout, regrading the land within 10' of the house, or cleaning out the gutters can solve your problem. then once you determine that those fixes won't solve the problem you have to determine if you need a french drain installed inside or outside of the house. if the water is coming up from below then a simple hole with a plastic basin in it with a cump pump might be what you need.......what i'm getting at is, we need more info.

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    Default Re: Installing sump pump in crawlspace

    To add ... yes ... you'll need a dedicated electrical circuit for the pump that is either protected with a GFCI receptacle or breaker...... your local building inspectors call advise rearding that.
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