Between now and Christmas I will be painting the interior of my home (OK, it might take me longer than Christmas). This includes original old plaster walls and ceilings, drywall ceilings, original fir trim and wood doors, brick fireplace, and inexpensive kitchen cabinets (made of some kind of composite, not solid wood). I might paint old tongue-and-groove pine paneling later. I'm going to start with the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen walls.

I assume that brushes and small rollers are best for the trim, but given the level of effort for the rest of the house, would it be wise to invest in a decent paint sprayer?

Any recommendations and tips for a sprayer, and where to use it, and when brushes and rollers are better? I've download lots of articles on the Internet, including how to paint cabinets, but want to hear from people that have used sprayers. I know how to do and have done general prep before.

Thanks in advance everyone.