Good morning. I have a question on plumber per hr rate, what is average? I'm just trying to figure out if an estimate my disabled mother got. She just bought a house and wants to move the washer and dryer to the first floor because she can't walk stairs.

Current washer and dryer is directly below in a unfinished utility room. All copper water lines and current wash tub for drain access is all accessible.. Lines for new laundry room will come up through the floor and not run in the wall. Dryer vent will be easy due to our side wall through sheet Rick and vinal siding

Gas line will be run with the yellow flex line to the dryer. There is a gas line also in the utility room with a T in the line to tap into. It is an extremely simple job .. I know the price of the materials needed, but plumber will end up with $900 labor. Wants $1100 to do the job. He said it will take most of the day..

What is the average rate for a plumber?

Also, the owner who wrote the estimate did not see the job, his employee told him what needed to be done over the phone and he called back withe an estimate.