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    We purchased a repo to fix and flip. It is completely new inside and out. The problem is, how do you disguise a 1979 split foyer to give it curb appeal?

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    Paint the trim and plant color in the front flower beds. The house doesn't have to look "pretty", it just has to look like it is loved and a homey place that someone will connect with.

    The key to flipping is to minimize the amount of work you put in, and, to do a cost to benefit analysis to make sure you're spending your money wisely. For instance, you can paint the trim and plant some color for less than $100, which is going to freshen and soften the look of the house, make it more inviting. Money and time well spent.

    You can consider a larger landscaping project, but unless the property is appreciating significantly, it may not be worth the time or cost. just do the minimum to spruce it up and let the new owners worry about an irrigation system, new lawn, etc. I'm not saying NOT to do something like this, but any money you put in should double coming back to you.
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    You say you bought "a repo to fix and flip". Then you say that "it is completely new inside and out"...

    So which one is it?

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    "Flipping" is not for the faint-hearted or those without the skills necessary to market the home well enough to make the expected profit. If you're having to ask design questions, then you lack that needed skill. You may have a local community college offering a course for that- if so you need to take it. If that's not an option then you need an ally- either a designer or a friend who is good at this. Success at "flipping" is all in the cost/benefit ratio and in selling quickly. Done correctly it's a good business; done badly you will regret your decision to enter the game and you'll be lucky to leave it breaking even.


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