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    Default Re: Really Weird Electrical Problem in My Home

    I got one of them in my tool pouch- they fit well in a nail-set holder. That doesn't mean I will remember this when I need it- that usually happens a few steps short of reaching the truck to go get one On bath fixtures I use an altered a 2" flat hex-bit as it's easier to manipulate after being stuck into my convertible-tip screwdriver. It's a lot easier to handle with the bigger grip

    Unless the wires are super-short, I just clip the stabbed buggers off as close as I can, then once the outlet is free I push the clipped ends back in just below flush with whatever is on hand, usually a regular screwdriver. If you take a close look at a wire that came from a stabbed connection, often it is slightly crimped or burned where the connection was made- this is a weak spot mechanically and electrically that you want to get rid of anyway so there's nothing to gain by putzing with the release buttons. They're there only for the wires that were stabbed all the way in that I can't push in below flush.


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    Default Re: Really Weird Electrical Problem in My Home

    I'm with Phil on this one. I snip stabbed connections every time I come across them and reconnect via screw posts just out of habit. If you routinely draw a good-sized load through them, they can oxidize or scorch and make for a poor connection. Nothing but grief can come of it.
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