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    Default Re: Replacing Cast Iron Radiator with Toe Kick Heater

    I appreciate all the comments, but maybe need to make a few clarifications. I am not trying to make a do-it-yourself improvement. I had the boiler replaced and converted from oil to natural gas last November by a licensed heating contractor. I had the same contractor come back in a couple months ago and install A/C using an attic-mounted unit and standard size A/C ducts. In both cases I did a lot of research ahead of time and everything worked out very well. As part of my kitchen renovation I'm trying to do the same type of pre-contract research.

    During the kitchen renovation there will be no increase in floor space, but it will include a bigger opening to the dining room and much larger opening to the living room. Its basically a conversion from a 1940's floor plan to a more open floor plan. The entire 1st floor is about 640 square feet, and the kitchen is about 130 square feet of the first floor. The existing heating on the 1st floor has 4 cast iron radiators (kitchen -1, dining - 1, living - 2). My gas boiler temp is set to run about 145-150 degrees, from what I remember seeing during the winter. The gas boiler is new, but is a fairly standard .84 efficiency Buderus, using a Grundfos circulation pump.

    The existing kitchen radiator is under the sink and if I leave it there I won't have space for a garbage disposal. I doubt I will have floor space to use another type of radiator somewhere else in the kitchen. I don't want to use baseboard heat both because of how it looks (not much like 1940) and because it has the same performance problem as a toe kick (cools too quickly compared to a radiator).

    If I need to add another zone for the toe kick heater that should not be a major expense, however, I just want to verify this is what is typically needed when you mix a toe kick with cast iron radiators. The existing cast iron pipes run around the perimeter of the basement (about 21x30 footprint) and the boiler is therefore about 60 feet from the kitchen radiator. If I add another zone I assume I will need to add another pump, zone controller, and about 50-70 feet of pipe. It is all running through unfinished basement, so it should not be that complicated.


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