As part of my kitchen renovation we want to take out a cast iron radiator (calculates to about 7200 BTU) under the kitchen sink and I had planned to replace it with a toe kick heater. However, when I talked to tech support at Turbonics they recommended piping a separate circulation zone for the toe kick heater.

They explained that when my heat cycles off the cast iron radiators still radiate heat for quite a while, but the toe kick heater will cool off in just a few minutes. They recommend setting up a separate zone and pump for the toe kick heater so you can selectively add heat. Is this a typical requirement for this type of heater? It certainly complicates the setup since my kitchen is at the opposite corner of the house from the boiler in the basement.

I don't want to renovate the kitchen and find out I've made it the cold spot in the house. I'm located in Virginia outside of DC, so most winters we don't have extremely cold weather.

System info: I'm using a 1 year old Buderus GC-124 natural gas boiler and Honeywell setback thermostat, and I'm happy with the performance. All radiator pipes (1940 vintage) run around the perimeter of the unfinished basement and up to the first and 2nd floors. The house is only about 650 sq ft per floor. There is a single circulation pump for the entire system.

Any suggestions or alternatives to running a separate line to the toe kick heater? Will I have a cold kitchen if I don't put it on a separate circulation pump?