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    Default Solar Tube Lights in Basement?

    I have a split-level house in which two of the bedrooms are on the lower level. They each have one small window above grade, but they don't get very much natural light. Has anyone tried putting solar tube lights in a basement? I'd love to install some to make the bedrooms a little brighter with more natural light instead of artificial lighting, but am not sure if it's possible/practical.

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    Default Re: Solar Tube Lights in Basement?

    Solar tubes (Sola Tube brand specifically ) are great, they work very well to bring in the light. A couple of things though, you're basically reflecting the sun with mirrors, so the light is very bright and can be harsh, even with a diffuser on it. Also, the longer the tubing, the less light it can conduct, and alternative would be optical fiber "tubing", where optical fiber is used to convey the light with very little loss. Lastly, because you're reflecting the sun, without good, bright sun, you will get very little additional lighting from a solar tube.
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