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Thread: roof sealing

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    One of the problems I have with most metal roofs is that there is no way to seal penetrations so that they will not leak in the event of a caulking or sealing failure Only with copper roofs can boots be soldered making for a permanent seal, all the rest are going to require that you inspect and maintain as needed. Generally, a phone call to the manufacturer will get you an answer on what is best, as they don't want you to have any problem with their products ever. They want you to sell their next roof so they will give you the right advice and it will meet any warranty obligations they may have. And as for me, when it comes to anything that is really important like roof boots or my truck's brakes and steering, if it is going to be done I want to be the one to do it so I will know it was done right; too much to lose if it isn't


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    I ended up calling the plumbing supply store that sold me the tankless heater, the ss vent pipe and the roof flashing....he suggested that I call the company that put my roof on and ask what I should use. I did that and they told me NP1.

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