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    During the Spring/Summer, once the wood stove is shut down, we start noticing that "Old House Smell". You know the one that is a combination of mildew and old wood? We do not have central heat/air or no basement. Any suggestion to get rid of those odors? I burn candles, spray Febreeze and such all the time, but i would rather GET RID of the odor instead of covering it up!

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    Unfortunately, most times it's a matter of getting rid of the items that are holding the odors (or having them cleaned). D****s, carpets, area rugs, and upholstered furniture including bedding are the worst culprits. A thorough cleaning of these items as well as the entire house and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way towards stemming the odors. If you've got woodwork rather than paint, clean and reseal it. Empty closets that are full of clothing, clean and wash the clothing and air out the closets. For places like closets, keep a rag with cologne or sachet of potpourri in them to help control stagnate odors. And finally, to help prevent the odors, open all the windows and doors as often as possible and air the place out.

    If the home has smokers in it, then all the above is all the more important and necessary.
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