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    Default **** hardware painted to look like brushed nickel

    I would like to change hinges, door knobs and light fixtures in my house to brushed nickel. I was wondering if there is a procedure to do this or if there is a spray paint that may work instead of buying all new.

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    Default Re: **** hardware painted to look like brushed nickel

    I'll suggest that you look in the yellow pages for "metal-plating" or similar. If you can find a local company, take a few of the pieces with you and see what they say about cost and feasibility of nickel-plating them. Whether this re-plating is doable will likely depend upon what the underlying metal actually is.

    You might end up re-plating some hardware and replacing others.

    (Our neighbor has been in the metal-plating biz for 25+ years. We've had him re-plate several pieces for us.......and they all came out very nice.)

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