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    My deck faces north. Each year this deck is loaded with black mold/mildew marks. Power washing has deteriorated its color but I definitely need to get rid of the black each year. Other than 30 Seconds (fumes are horrible!), do you have any suggestions? Also, do you know if there'a method to revive its color?

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    Your deck looks like it does as a result of multiple mistakes. This is not the time to analyze them, instead: what can you do now?

    You need to clean, treat and protect it.

    Clean all dust, mold and everything else with a bleach-water solution.

    Treat with composite treating materials (like scotch or dozens of other products for composite).

    Paint with a good deck paint.

    You won't get it look like new, but it will look better. Your other choice is of course to trash it.

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    Mold and mildew grow when the conditions are right, and I fear those conditions exist for you no matter the deck materials.

    As a test, place a few pieces of treated, stained, painted wood, along with a piece of composite on the deck to see if the mold grows differently. NO sense in rebuilding the deck if the mold is going to grow on it anyway. If you do find good results, the test will be well worth the time and money.

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    I would suggest you switch from 30 Seconds cleaner to a product called "Jomax". Jomax is just as effective, smells less and is mixed with bleach. It is also about half the price as 30 Seconds. It is from the Zinsser Company which makes many primer products. I have used it for over 30 years with great success. Jomax contains a chemical which makes the relatively low concentration of bleach more effective. It contains an additonal mildecide and a detergent. It is carried my most paint stores and Home Depot.

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