I am looking at a house to buy and all of the upper floor's ceilings appear to be bouncy meaning if I press up on them from the floor below it you can see that there is some give to it. Additionally in almoast every room there is some minor cracking and some decent nail pops and settling at the ceiling/wall edges. Most that was noted seemed to be more towards the center of the house. I looked in the attic and it appeared to be regular 16OC construction however I was not paying attention to the possibility of trusses. Could the use of roof trusses cause this type of condition? Is this just normal settling that can just be touched up with spackle. Is the bouncyness of the ceiling normal with trusses? I am assuming that this type of construction if it is trusses would not be capable of storing items in the attic? I obviously will get a home inspector if we decide to go any further with this house but would be nice to know if what I have already discovered is normal settling or if its something to run from.