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    Default Re: Picture framing a window

    1 - Why are you overlaying the paneling, remove it, then assess whether the walls can be repaired or need to be overlaid.

    2 - If you make the walls thicker than your door jambs, then you have to add spacer material to the jamb that will bring the jamb flush to the new surface. Let's assume that the jambs and trim are fine now and you overlay with 3/8" drywall, you will then need to add strips of wood to the jamb that are 3/8" thick as well, then install your trim over that.
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    Default Re: Picture framing a window

    I too can't understand why you don't want to pull the paneling first- it's pretty easy to do. If you're still intent on leaving it in place, then you might want to go with 3/8" rock- this is what I use for wall overlays and is readily available nowadays. You may still have to use jamb extensions ripped to the proper thickness if the old frames were set to the paneling thickness. If someone didn't nail through them, modern snap-in jambs can be separated with the molding intact and then reset after the new rock goes in without needing extension jambs.


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