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    Post Repairing Blue Stone Patio set in Concrete

    The previous owners of our home had added a blue stone patio but the landscaper set it in cement. Through the last few years some of the stones have either cracked or come loose to where I can pull them up. Now with the added issue of the patio settling I think I'm at a point where the patio has to be redone. I would like to salvage as much of the blue stone as I can, but I'm finding it difficult as the cement edges are making it tough to loosen the stone. I would love any suggestions to help me free the stone. Right now I am using a mortar chisel and hammer and not getting very far. Otherwise, it looks like I'm just going to have to lose the blue stone and rip it all out.

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    Default Re: Repairing Blue Stone Patio set in Concrete

    Saving old materials, from lumber to stone, is great, if it pencils out, IMHO. Besides materials, there is labor and there is time. I don't know about your labor or time, but mine has never been free.

    And even if your labor was free and you manged to salvage 50% of your stones, and then end up buying 50% new stones to complete the job - will the stones match?

    I would just demolish and remove the old stones, then start anew.

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