Hello fellow TOHers,

Question: Can we park a cabinet in front of a recessed steam radiator and simply provide heat output by venting through the window sill above the radiator?

Here are the details: We are in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation where we are considering what to do about a 48" long tube and fin radiator (two-pipe steam system) that currently sits in a recess in our stone wall underneath a window. Inside this recess, there is significant vertical clearance until it approaches the current sill. Maybe 30" of space above the radiator itself.

Anyway, that is where a cabinet needs to go and I want to find a method to keep the wife happy by putting that cabinet there and still get the benefit from the radiator's heat output.

Now, in another part of the kitchen we have a radiator, also under a window, where the previous home owner put a cabinet in front of and maintained heat by cutting a rectangular opening in the sill and installing what looks to be an A/C grill. Heat flows from the radiator and vents straight up through the grill. No cool air intake, no toe kick systems or anything. Just heat coming up through the sill.

I suppose we could just do the same thing, but I wanted to bounce it off of you fine people.