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    Default Humidity in Pittsburgh House

    Humidity -

    Right now, I currently run a


    In my house to measure the humidity levels in my house. I don't know the accuracy level of
    such a device.

    I have only taken measurements in my basement over the past week.
    My above the ground garage (which an addition/family room sits on top of the garage) sits @ about
    82% humidity. I can see paint chipping off of the ceiling of the garage. When I take a

    dehumidifier, the dehumidifier definitely takes the humidity down to 45% and it doesn't take very

    long for the humidity to drop down to 45% (at least in my opinion - like a couple of hours or

    less). The garage has no block windows just an old garage door that has a small opening @ the

    bottom right corner (nothing major in my opinion). The floor is cement and the walls are made of

    big concrete a couple of minor openings in the areas where mortor would go (maybe 2 inches long).

    There might be about 3 or 4 of those. Nonetheless there are about 3 or 4 of those. Would it

    behoove us to look into a newer garage door?

    Adjacent to the garage is a "I don't know what this room is" room. The room has a raised wood

    subfloor and I have NO clue as to what is under there. I do know that there is an exposed plumbing

    stack that goes down the wall (closest to the garage) and runs down under the raised wood sub

    floor. The room also has a very very very old thin carpet on it that I want to get off of the wood

    subfloor. Right now, this room is just housing junk as we just moved in a month ago. The humidity

    is high in this room as well. I haven't left my humidity device in the room yet to track the

    humidity. This room has a block window (prb 3x5) and a fire place which I don't know much about

    and haven't used and won't use until I get that inspected.

    This "I don't know what this room is room is" room is adjacent (opposite f the garage) to an open

    finished basement which has drywall, carpet, tile, built-in entertainment center. I kept the

    humidity device in this room for several days and the humidity level hangs around the upper 50's

    to the low 60's. This room has 3 block windows (one is prb 3x5 and the other 2 are prb 2x2). One

    of the 2x2 windows has a screen option in the middle where I could open a small portion of the

    window. This room also leads you into a HVAV/laundry room and a small/narrow storage closet. The

    laundry/hvac room has a 2x2 block window w/a vent in the middle.

    There is a single door that will let you into each of the above adjacent rooms.

    I have had the humidity device in the first floor living room and the humidity hung around the mid

    50's. I haven't even brought this to the 2nd floor. I think I might lose it if I see those numbers.

    We do have central air through out the house and this house was built in 1938 and we get a nice

    air flow from the vents on the second floor. A lot better than I had ever expected. I have also

    not even touched the 3rd floor/attic yet. A full bathroom on the 2nd floor have a fan that we use

    during showers.

    The house is made of concrete block/brick and only the addition has a vinyl on it. The front of

    the house has a tree and shrubbery. The side of the house has shrubbery next to it and that

    surface is mostly clay. maybe the grade needs to be re-visited on that side. While I would admit,

    MAYBE some of the drainage might need to be revisited, all of the drainage is draining away from

    the house and drains might want to be tied in underground and go to an underground pool that would

    collect the water.

    I also see some step cracks in the mortar about the width of a hairline, could that be an air leak

    and could that be a cause?

    The windows on the house are relatively new 4-5 yrs.
    I am at some losses and I just can't afford to Pi$$ money away. I am just tring to find the rood

    cause(s). Again, there is no visible water coming into my house that I can see. Also, during this

    whole process I have basically kept my thermostat/air on 70 deg. Can the high humidity in the

    basement effect rest of the house? Although it seems as the whole house is humid and I don't know

    where it is starting from. Maybe a vapor barrier for the room w/the wood subfloor? Maybe regrading

    the perimeter of the house? Internal perimeter drainage system?


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    Default Re: Humidity in Pittsburgh House

    ***, long post. First the garage, the concrete floor was most likely poured without a moisture bearer, and with all the rain we have been having a lot of moisture is probably coming up through the floor. Second it sounds like there is very little chance for air circulation in the garage or the what ever room. You might try sealing the concrete floor and the concrete block walls.

    It also sound like you have little if any air circulation through the basement.

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    Default Re: Humidity in Pittsburgh House

    Jack - Thanks for the response..

    I am in the midst of sealing the outer foundation (concrete blocks). Yeah, the garage has a concrete floor (w/some very minor cracks). Any thoughts on what to use on the cracks on the garage floor?

    I would also like to mention that I have a drain in the garage floor.

    As far as the circulation for the rest of the basement, what would you suggest to use to circulate? Guess I am trying to explore options.

    Also, in the "whatever this room is" room, would you rip the wood sub floor out? I have no idea what's undernealth there but it seems like concrete when I drilled a couple of small holes. I'm not sure if that would worsen conditions or not.

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