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    Default Direct set huge glass panes?

    We have a house with gorgeous interior trim, and are trying to replace a slider with a one-piece window, about 72" x 90". Is there a way to direct set a double-pane piece of glass from a glass shop in a weatherproof way, perhaps using Azek and flashing? The alternative, of ripping out interior trim to install a framed window (even a manufactured direct set window has a frame that would require interior changes?) is making me lose sleep at night. Thanks for any ideas!

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    Default Re: Direct set huge glass panes?

    If I read you correctly, you are trying to replace a slider with a custom built window.

    Yes it can be done. You need to contact window manufacturers for estimates and installation. Try small local window makers who might be more willing to take a job like this, but it won't be cheap.

    The window can have different frames, like wood, metal or vinyl. The waterproofing will be the responsibility of the window maker and the installer, so experience is important here.

    Let us know how it went.

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    Default Re: Direct set huge glass panes?

    If you do this, be aware that the pane will have to be tempered glass (code required for any glass within 24" of the floor). Once you price that (have your digitalis ready) you'll rethink this. It isn't hard to alter an opening to close it in, have you considered that option? Maybe a solid wall, maybe a window that matches the rest. Personally I wouldn't try what you describe unless I had to- what seems easiest/cheapest to you now will turn out otherwise in the long run!


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