I have oak cabinets in my kitchen. I decided to paint them white. I cleaned and sanded everything, put on 2 coats of Kilz high build primer, sanding in between. I had a nice surface ready to paint. I used Dunn Edwards Suprema interior latex semi-gloss. Putting Flotrol in the paint, I brushed the cabinet structure and got a beautiful finish. I had the cupboard doors sprayed painted (Dunn Edwards interior latex semi-gloss with no Flortrol in the paint) - what a disaster. The painter (I use the term loosely) sprayed, not with an airless sprayer, but with a spray gun using compressed air. The surface of the sprayed doors was not a hard gloss finish - it was rough and looked more like a satin finish - in some areas the surface looked like he sprayed over tapioca pudding - in other areas there was an orange peel look. (Not to mention the drips and fuzzies that were in the finish coat either from his gun or stuff in the air) Needless to say, I am sanding the cupboard doors down and brushing the paint on. I have about 30% the doors painted using the same can of paint (but with Flotrol added) that was used for spraying and I am getting a great hard semi-gloss finish. So it is not the paint.

Does anyone know what went wrong with the spraying?