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    Default stucco over old stucco

    Can you stucco over old stucco, the stucco has rock and glass inbedded into it and is very rough. I was wandering if i could do a scratch coat over it and then stucco?

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    Default Re: stucco over old stucco

    Yes you can.The surface must be clean. Apply a bonding agent to the old stucco just before you're ready to scratch.

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    Default Re: stucco over old stucco

    Yes but check on the following.
    If you choose to use conventional stucco with a bonding agent check the product data sheet on the bonding agent and make sure it states that it is not Re-emulsifiable.
    The best bonding agent for your porpouse would be 1 part cement , 1 part sand and water to make a paste like a milk shake dash this on the existing stucco as a bonding agent than apply the scratch coat stucco.
    The best repair would be to use a polymer based synthetic stucco base coat over the existing than apply a synthetic finish color as selected.
    Also be sure all loose tabby is removed.

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    Default Re: stucco over old stucco

    I have a German wife. During our frequent trips back to the Vaterland, I have always been amazed at how centuries old housing with stucco on them can be renewed to look almost new. They chisel out any cracks and throw on a new coat of "Putz" as they call it. Along with the government's incentives to replace windows with energy efficient new windows, the old buildings look fantastic!

    Stucco can be painted, but I would sure rather have the genuine stuff on it, especially if it has never been painted before.

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