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    Cool Yard Lights

    I have two yard lights thatcut off and on during the night. I replaced the halide bulbs as I saw on the net. Same thing happened.27.95 for each is quite expensive.Next I tried new sensors at 10.00 each. Again same thing-Off and On all night. I would appreciate some advice. I was told to replace the fixture with flouresant fixtures. Advice please.:

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    you may have a problem with the wiring, not the fixtures or the bulbs.

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    I agree with DJ, I have repaired more than one standard incandescent fixture simply by cleaning the contacts and redoing the wire connections.

    Turn off the power to the fixture before you start doing anything!
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    I don't suppose you installed the wrong ballast but, low voltage due to a loose wirenut could cause the lamp to shut down. After a cool down period full voltage will be seen at the lamp and it will re-strike. over & over.

    Or, you could have bad ballasts, yes not likely, but, they do have the same operating hours under the same conditions.

    Or, when your A/C unit comes on it causes the lamp voltage to drop and after a cool down period, will restart.

    Also, some fixtures have high temp. safety thermostats. Did you put in a lamp with a higher wattage or remove a heat shield?

    Lastly, if you have a dusk-dawn or motion switch, jumper around it for a test one night.
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