I have a 1200 square foot home built in the 60's. It is a slab with 2x4's tipped on side like a frame with plywood sub floor. We have no idea how the slab was constructed as the main part of the house was originally a garage. I was just quoted $13,000 for a ductless ac/heat system, but the heat will not go where I need it. I currently have radiant heat with registers on all outside walls (even going through the kitchen cabinets and closets). My issue is I have a 9 month old daughter and this winter she will be crawling/learning to walk on freezing cold floors. I wear wool socks and slippers and still have to keep my feet off the floor during Wisconsin winters. I have tried carpeting, but it doesn't do much to make the floors warmer. I love my home and its location and my dream is to switch to radiant floor heating but my father says we have to figure out a way to insulate or I will just be paying to heat the slab. The problem is there is no way to access the slab aside from ripping up the entire sub floor. I was thinking about blown insulation which may only require small holes to get it in the spaces but there is really no way to get a vapor barrier in there. My other issue is current ceiling height is 7'6 1/2" so raising the floor with a layer of insulation, cement, radiant product more cement and tile would raise it a ridiculous amount. Has anyone else dealt with something similar? What was your solution? Help!