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    Default High-pressure toilets in high-rise buildings

    I live in a luxury high rise. We have high-pressure toilets and, due to the pressure, experience frequent breakage of Sloan valves (sometimes 30 times per year). Additionally, when the toilets are flushed, there is typically a very loud "boom" at the end of the flush, which can be heard throughout the building. At this point, the Sloan valves have to be replaced at a significant cost (over $50 per toilet). Some apartment owners have replaced their toilets with tank toilets (Kohler, Toto) with minimal-to-moderate success in correcting the problem (less frequent valve replacements). Thus, there is no guarantee that, after considerable cost (perhaps $1000 per apartment), replacing the type of toilet will solve the problem. I have been told that the problem might be corrected (no guarantee) by inserting a valve to lower the pressure, but this would involve breaking a wall to insert the pressure gauge; and, once the gauge is inserted and the wall re-plastered, one cannot get to the pressure gauge (in case it is necessary) without breaking the wall again. Again, considerable cost with no guarantee that this will solve the problem. This problem that has been going for over 20 years. Neither the building engineer nor any of the plumbers the building contracts on a regular basis has been able to resolve the issue. I strongly suspect that this is not a unique problem and that many other high rises must have also encountered this problem. How can we resolve it satisfactorily? Also, if you know the answer, please let me know how to select a competent plumber to handle the issue and others like it in the future.

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    Default Re: High-pressure toilets in high-rise buildings

    Your building engineer and the various professional plumbers who frequently work in the building don't know how to fix your problem, and you expect somebody on an internet website to be able to advise you? Well, try this:

    Replace the toilet to regular tank type toilets and see if you get better results.

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    Default Re: High-pressure toilets in high-rise buildings

    What is the water pressure? High rise buildings should have pressure regulators on at least every fourth floor.

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