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    Default Old Fish Tape

    I need to pull some conductors through existing conduits and my neighbor has a steel fish tape I can borrow.

    However the fish tape is broken...the tip of it does not have a "hooking loop". He said it broke and he cut the tip off with a grinder but I can make a loop myself.

    OK I tried with a plier and it won't bend.

    Is there a trick to this? Is there some sort of part I can slip on to this tape to make this loop? Or I should just give it back to him and go buy a new one?

    It is a Klein 125' reel of fish tape with a 1/8" steel blade if that helps.

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    Before you return it and run to buy a new one, try applying some heat (plumber's torch) and try to bend it hot. Now, you need to be cautious, in handling hot metal and not to start a fire. This quick fix worked for me.

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    heating would work.....but i've never not been able to bend one. it is tough and takes some muscle but i use a pair of linesman pliers. i bend it just beyond 90 degrees, sick a narrow screwdriver in the bend so it doesn't crimp then pinch again with the linesman pliers.

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    Be real careful pulling in more conductors, make sure existing conductors are de-energized.
    And, if working in a power panel turn off all breakers (feed to the main will still be present!) so nothing comes in contact with the fish tape.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon, Hidden Content

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    Often, when feeding a fish tape through conduit that has existing wires in it, the fish tape can wrap around the other wires, especially if the conduit has several bends in it. Although the fish tape may slide through fairly easily, pulling the new wires can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible.

    If you run into this problem, try using one of the old wires as the fish tape. Just add another wire to replace the one that you're pulling out. Or use the old wire to pull the fish tape into the conduit, then pull it back in, along with the new wires. Either of these methods prevents the new wires from wrapping around the old wires.
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