I wanted to write to let people know the details of an issue I discovered with my AC a few days back in hopes of getting a solution...I was getting it ready for the summer season and found it is not working properly. I wanted to write all the details here so maybe someone could remedy it?....

It seems all systems work but they're not syncronized?....air handler blower motor runs, outside unit - compressor runs and condensing unit fan runs...

So I immediately went to the air handler due to the foam issue I had fixed last time....and sure enough half the foam had come unglued again....I affixed them again and added metal holders to prevent further dislodging....

When I turned the system on the compressor came on but the air handler blower did not....here is what I found about the different thermostat settings

System switch setting--Fan switch setting--Results
COOL--ON--outside condensing unit on but air handler blower off (blower should be constant on in this fan setting)
COOL--AUTO--outside condensing unit on but air handler blower off
AUTO--ON--air handler blower off outside condensing unit on..blower should be constant on here
AUTO--AUTO--air handler blower off.... outside condensing unit on
OFF--ON--blower off and outside condensing unit off...again blower should be constant on here
OFF--AUTO--blower on and outside condensing unit off...blower should only come on when call for cooling

with SYSTEM- OFF and FAN- AUTO the blower was on and I moved temp to 45deg to call for cooling....after the "comp delay" compressor turned on and air handler blower turned off.....compressor should not even turn on with SYSTEM on OFF should it?

I was getting a blinking error code #3 on LSOM (Lennox System operating monitor) the indicator lights in the condensing unit outside.....so it seems to be maybe an electrical issue??? that systems are not in sync......I thought it might be the thermostat but I temporarily switched that out with a honeywell and got the similar results...

Unico 2430 Air handler
Outside condensing unit- Lennox 12SEER (HS-26)