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    Default hole on the outer dome on the skylight

    We have a hole on the outer dome on the skylight that caused by hail. The size of the hole is above a size of the finger nail. We are trying to figure out the way to fix the hole without replacing the dome. One of the option is using the Vycor 50'L x 9"W Rubberized Asphalt Flashing tape. We would great appreciate if you can give some advice on how to fix the problem.


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    Default Re: hole on the outer dome on the skylight

    The least obtrusive thing would be clear elastomeric caulk. A small hole as you describe will fill nicely and the elastomeric will remain strong and stable with temperature and sun.

    Keep in mind that whatever you use, that it will be a patch job, not an actual repair, so leakage is still a real danger. The only real fix is to replace the dome.
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